Friday, April 2, 2010

A Random Assortment of Favorite Pics

Just a few recent and random pictures I love:

Pretty baby deep in thought:
Two little monkeys chillaxin' and watching Mikey Mouse Clubhouse together:
I cannot get enough of Presley’s curl of hair in the front.  It is the cutest thing in the world to me right now!
Mattie entertaining Presley:
Spring has sprung FINALLY! I was beginning to get seasonally depressed with the never ending winter. I love all the blooms:

Mattie and Presley watching some TV together…I love the way Presley is twisted all around to watch:
The other day, Mattie was playing outside with her Daddy.  When I went out to see what they were up to, I saw Mattie playing with something…hmm, what is that?:
That would be a big pile of rusty nails.  I guess we will not get Parents of the Year award again this year.  Sigh.

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