Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Road Trip

We loaded up the car last weekend, and headed northeast to Memphis to see Angela and Jeffrey. It was a quick trip, and the only major outing we had time for was the zoo. It had been nearly two years since we had last taken Mattie, and we were all anxious to go back. The Memphis Zoo is really something to see, and there really isn't time in one day to see everything there is, at least not when you have little ones with you. But, the weather could not have been more perfect the day we went, and we had a really great time.

I’m going to skip posting a picture of every single animal we saw, even though I did take pictures of every single animal we saw. I know that’s boring, so I’m just going to include the animals I really loved.

Starting with this little monkey:

Not far inside the zoo, they had a booth set up to do face painting. Guess who HAD TO HAVE ONE? And guess who’s daddy totally buys into all that broken hearted whining about please, please, please, PLEASE can I have my face painted? Actually, with Mattie it was much more dramatic performance that involved tears and looking back longingly at the face painting booth with an arm outstretched towards it as we walked past it. Whatever the case, Matthew caved and paid the ridiculous amount of money that was so disgustingly overpriced that I can’t bring myself to type it here. But, I’ll just say, I could have bought twelve people something off the dollar menu at Sonic for what it cost! Seriously!

But, it made this little girl’s day, and that made her daddy’s day. Worth every penny.

Mattie has not quit talking about the zoo, and specifically the snakes, since we took her two years ago. The snake house definitely made an impression on her, and she was itching to go back. She has kind of a weird obsession with snakes...she's half horrified, half fascinated by them. It's kind of weird, but the snake house was at the top of our list.

They had several snakes out that you could touch, but Mattie couldn’t bring herself to do it. Which was good, because we were told you had to be five years old to touch them. Why? Stupid rules.

The best, most entertaining thing we saw all day was this Orangutan.
He had SO much personality! Look, he even smiled:
He was definitely in performance mode, and put on a little show for us swinging and climbing all over his trees, and even roaring!
I thought he was really cute and charming, and took lots of pictures of him.
And then he started peeing (note the stream of pee underneath him in the above picture), and reminded me that he was just a stinky, dirty animal, and I was done. He wasn't the first animal I saw that day that I felt should really have on some underwear. I'm just sayin'.
Presley was such a trooper all day. She loved being outside, and never even fell asleep the whole time we were there.
Mattie, however, could not hang, and fell asleep somewhere around the grizzly bear exhibit. This kid could sleep anywhere!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Night Fun

Just a few pictures from an impromptu photo session we had just a little bit ago.  Both girls were in great moods after baths and before bed tonight, so I snapped a few pics.
Here’s my six month old, who weighed 19lbs 14oz (97th percentile), and was 28 1/4 in (100th percentile) at her six month checkup last week.  She continues to get cuter everyday!  See:
I cannot get enough of that hair!  I think it’s going to be curly because  it’s just wild on top most of the time. 
Anyone that knows Mattie knows that she loves to sing, and make up songs for people, and Presley is no exception.  Here she is singing to her sister, who she continues to be smitten with:
Thankfully, Presley loves it!
Here she is really belting it out…notice her hand held out in front of her as she hits her note:

Mattie loves doing “butterfly kisses”.  She and I have done them as long as I can remember, and here she is giving Pres some:

And getting a butterfly kiss from Pres…how cute is that??!!

Presley is such a little mess…I could just about eat her up!
I love this picture…such a sweet smile:

And now both girls are sound asleep in their beds, and it’s not even 8:30…yea!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

We Love Sleep!

I'm lucky to have two girls who both love to sleep and love to snuggle. This is me and Presley snuggling and napping together recently.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Nash Family Easter!

I think Easter is my fave holiday. I LOVE the springtime, and to me Easter is like spring’s coming out party. And it is such an important celebration of the resurrection of our LORD! What can top that? Weatherwise, this was the most beautiful Easter I can remember in recent history, and we had a great day celebrating our risen Savior.

This is Mattie’s first Easter at 6wks old…Ha! That was a preemie dress that had been taken up, and was still too roomy, and look at those legs…
This was our family on Easter this year:

Please note a couple of things about this picture: 1) the look on Mattie’s face that says just how much she wanted to be in the picture, 2) the way the sunlight really enhances the whiteness of my arms, and 3) the look on Presley’s face that says she’s about to jump out of my arms to get something she sees on the ground. This is the best we can do these days with family shots!

These are my girls in their Easter dresses:

Seersucker on Easter just seems perfect! I have to mention that I made both of my girl’s dresses this year. I’m still a pretty novice sewer, and this was a pretty big project for me to tackle, and I will admit that I was questioning my decision to do this when I was up until 1:30am on Easter morning finishing zippers and hems. BUT, I could not be more pleased with how the turned out. This was one time I had a picture in my mind of just how I wanted something, and it actually turned out that way.

Right after the above picture was taken, Presley face-planted on this bench, and came up with a face COVERED in pollen!

Here’s the Sawyer family. Wouldn’t they be cute holding a baby in a smocked Easter suit (sorry Ang!)
The Easter Bunny came to our house:
I had big plans of making liners for these baskets and getting their names put on them, but with the dress project, it just didn’t happen. Maybe next year!
Here’s Mattie’s basket…she’s not a big candy eater, but she LOVES chocolate, and this HUGE Hershey bar and the solid chocolate bunny made her day:

And here’s PK’s…she’s not actually eating the Gerber snacks yet, but I couldn’t think of anything else to put in there! And it won’t be long, and she’ll be gobbling them up:
This is Mattie checking out her loot:
And showing Presley her loot…I love that Pres looks so excited here:

We had lunch at our house with my family, and while I got lunch ready, Matthew hid some eggs for Mattie to hunt. Which she thought she needed to wear boots to do. She has a very keen fashion sense and we don’t question it:

Since she’s not a big fan of candy, she got some money in her eggs, and one of them even had some green…look at that face…a girl after my own heart!
There are so few pictures of me that exist…I am usually the one behind the camera and Matthew never thinks to pick it up. But, Ang took one of me and Pres that I love, and now my kids will have some proof that I was around during their childhood:

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


This is a post from a blog I read everyday, and it made me laugh out loud several times, so I thought I'd share it. I have a feeling this will be some version of Coach Nash and I in a few short years! We definitely live in "girl world".

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hand Me Downs

This is Mattie at around four months old on the day we did her baby dedication at church, wearing a pretty little Feltman Bros. dress:

And this is Presley at 5 1/2 mos. old wearing that same dress, looking just as pretty:

All smiles in the above pictures are courtesy of Big Sister who never fails to get Presley to giggle.

I love, love, love seeing Presley in Mattie's things...and this dress was particularly special, so I wanted to share it.


We have had the prettiest weather in South Arkansas lately, therefore we have been spending every moment possible outside playing in the evenings and on the weekends.  Both my girls love to be outdoors!
The house next to ours has been vacant for years now.  So, we have started using their driveway for playing in, since it’s better than ours.  Mattie plays hopscotch, does sidewalk chalk, and most recently Matthew set up a basketball goal in their driveway.  HA!
Here’s Mattie playing basketball…in boots:
She was singing me a song here, with hand motions:

Mattie playing in my shoes…she has been begging me for several weeks now to get her a REAL pair of high heels that she can wear to school and church…she thinks she’s about 16 years old. 

All of these flowers are blooming around my house…this is my favorite time of year because everything is in full bloom and SO beautiful:

Checking for bees:
I LOVE all the blooming azaleas right now!