Tuesday, June 7, 2011

These Girls

These girls own my heart. They push me to the very limits of my sanity on a daily basis, and then with one word, or look, or hug around my legs, they remind me how lucky I am to call myself not just *a* mama, but *their* mama.

These girls love each other. Really, really love each other. They really don't know yet just how lucky they are to have one another, and to be able to have the bond of sisterhood, but one day they will. For now they both just think that the other hung the moon.

These girls love their mama. She's a lucky, lucky mama. I have no idea why God saw fit to give me these two. I never imagined that having two little girls would be my dream life, but it turns out...it is.

Hoping to play some blogging catch up over the next few days after a unintended 3wk break!