Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We have had the prettiest weather in South Arkansas lately, therefore we have been spending every moment possible outside playing in the evenings and on the weekends.  Both my girls love to be outdoors!
The house next to ours has been vacant for years now.  So, we have started using their driveway for playing in, since it’s better than ours.  Mattie plays hopscotch, does sidewalk chalk, and most recently Matthew set up a basketball goal in their driveway.  HA!
Here’s Mattie playing basketball…in boots:
She was singing me a song here, with hand motions:

Mattie playing in my shoes…she has been begging me for several weeks now to get her a REAL pair of high heels that she can wear to school and church…she thinks she’s about 16 years old. 

All of these flowers are blooming around my house…this is my favorite time of year because everything is in full bloom and SO beautiful:

Checking for bees:
I LOVE all the blooming azaleas right now!

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