Sunday, November 27, 2011

Season's Greetings!

I am so happy it's officially the Christmas season! The holiday decor, the festive music, the wonderful food....I love it all! But my favorite, favorite, favorite thing about Christmas....opening my mailbox everyday and seeing all the precious Christmas cards. I love seeing how families change through the years, and I love that most people these days go with photo cards. I'm thrilled to get a Christmas card, no matter what style, but the photo cards are everyone's favorite at my house!

Matthew and I have been married ten years, and I *think* we have done a photo card every year since we've gotten married. In our early years they featured us with our dogs, and now the dogs have been kicked off the card to make room for the kiddos. Christmas photo card options have come a LONG way in recent years. We had a great card last year, but I think my very favorite Christmas card we have ever done was 2009 when it was a combo Christmas card/Birth announcement following Presley's birth. I loved that card and we got ton's and ton's of compliments on it. Not only was it just so precious and sweet, the quality was exceptional. I designed the card at, and I was BEYOND pleased with the experience and product. I was able to pick a template, add my own photos, and then even change some of the text and add to it a bit to make it exactly how I wanted it. One of the best things, in my opinion, is they have a professional designer review your card before printing it. In my case, the Tiny Prints designer actually contacted me over a small grammar issue via email before printing. How awesome is that?

So this year, I am definitely going with Tiny Prints again for our cards. We are scheduled to do our photos next weekend, and I'm already eyeing several designs. I feel like I need to see the picture before I can make a final selection, but I know what I'm leaning towards. Tiny Prints has an amazing selection of holiday cards that you can find here:

One of the best things about their website is it's so easy to narrow down their huge selection of cards to find exactly what you're looking for. There are so many awesome choices, and there is something to please everyone, I'm sure! Here are some of my favorites:

I love the non-traditional colors on this, and the bold "Merry Christmas" message:

This one is kind of simple and classic, and that appeals to me. I love the full-bleed photo cards...ours last year was like that, and I think it makes a huge statement as opposed to a collage, although those are fun too:

I LOVE this colorful card...I'm obsessed with chevron stripes, and the back of this card is to-die-for!! I love the rainbow colors too:

So cute!
If you haven't already made a Christmas card decision, go here and be amazed at the quality and design that Tiny Prints has to offer. You will NOT be disappointed!