Monday, April 12, 2010

Six Months

Presley Kate is six months old today. Wow. I’m going to skip adding in all my emotional sentiments, and just share the pictures and updates because I could cry to think her first year is already half gone. I’ve said it before, but…bittersweet it is.

Miss Presley, you precious girl, what are you up to these days?

-You have learned several new tricks this month, including rolling from back to tummy about three weeks ago, which means you can now roll both ways and are “mobile” to some degree. Mattie and I have been having some serious discussions about how important it is for her to keep all her little princess shoes and accessories off the floor because you will be putting any of them you find in your mouth very soon. Mattie cannot understand why you would want to do that, but she has been keeping her things picked up.

-The biggest milestone, I think, is you are now saying “Dada”. I will admit that it breaks my heart a little, but I know “Mama” can’t be far off, even though you just giggle in my face when I try to get you to say it. Mattie said “Mama” first, so I guess it’s only fair.

-You are still the happiest baby I know. SO smiley, SO happy, just a delight to all who know and love you and spend any amount of time around you. Wanda has told me more than once that you are maybe the happiest baby she’s ever kept in her 20+ year career.

-I FINALLY moved you out of the bassinet and into your baby bed last week. You had outgrown the bassinet quite some time ago, and even though I suspected you would sleep better/longer in your bed, I was still having a hard time making that transition. And I was right…you have slept longer since moving than you ever have, and even had to be woken up this morning. I just like having my babies at arm reach during the night for as long as possible, even if they’re bumping their heads and banging their arms on the sides of the bassinet. -You are in a size 3 diaper during the day, size 4 overnight diaper, size 6mos clothes, but wearing some of Mattie’s 3mos hand-me-downs still.

-Weighed 19lbs at last MD appt on April 1, 2010 (Mattie only weighed 3lbs more at 1yr old!). You are definitely my chunky little monkey, and I LOVE it!!

-Still taking five 7oz bottles a day, eating three solid meals a day.

-Sleeping 8:30-6:30 uninterrupted (Praise the Lord!)

-Still chewing and gnawing everything, and OH the drool, yet still no teeth. HAS to be any day now. I love that gummy grin and will miss it!
Here’s Presley’s 1mos, 3mos, and 6mos pics together to see the change better. Click on it to see it larger…I cannot believe how much our girl has changed. When I look at that one month picture, it brings back a lot of memories of our hard days with her. It almost seems like a different baby than the one we have now!

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