Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Night Fun

Just a few pictures from an impromptu photo session we had just a little bit ago.  Both girls were in great moods after baths and before bed tonight, so I snapped a few pics.
Here’s my six month old, who weighed 19lbs 14oz (97th percentile), and was 28 1/4 in (100th percentile) at her six month checkup last week.  She continues to get cuter everyday!  See:
I cannot get enough of that hair!  I think it’s going to be curly because  it’s just wild on top most of the time. 
Anyone that knows Mattie knows that she loves to sing, and make up songs for people, and Presley is no exception.  Here she is singing to her sister, who she continues to be smitten with:
Thankfully, Presley loves it!
Here she is really belting it out…notice her hand held out in front of her as she hits her note:

Mattie loves doing “butterfly kisses”.  She and I have done them as long as I can remember, and here she is giving Pres some:

And getting a butterfly kiss from Pres…how cute is that??!!

Presley is such a little mess…I could just about eat her up!
I love this picture…such a sweet smile:

And now both girls are sound asleep in their beds, and it’s not even 8:30…yea!!

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