Friday, August 13, 2010

Ten Months

Presley Kate was ten months old this past Thursday, August 12. This has been, hands down, the fastest ten months of my life.

Presley is recently mobile, and is enduring the bumps and bruises that go along with a baby exploring the world in a new way for the first time. This is the reason for the purple bruises on her forehead in these pictures:

Miss PK, what do we find you doing at ten months old?

-This month, about a week after turning nine months old, you finally started crawling. You were a tentative crawler at first, only wanting to go a step or two before flattening out on your belly and giving up. But, after about ten days, you suddenly took off. And you have spent the past few weeks exploring parts of our house you have never seen before; under the table, behind the toilet, under your bed, in sister’s closet. We are having to keep a very close eye on you, little girl, because you are proving to be a mischevious little puppy.

-Immediately after mastering the crawling, you were pulling up. On everything. At this point, it’s no effort for you to pop right up on just about anything that will hold you steady. For this reason, we finally lowered your baby bed. And the below picture is similar to what I see every morning when I come to get you out of bed…a smiling baby standing up waiting on me. So precious and such a great way to start my day!

-You still love your big sister, and she still adores you. Your new found mobility has had her very nervous. She is constantly hovering over you, trying to help you, making sure you’re not putting things in your mouth you shouldn’t, taking things away from you. We frequently hear “PWESLEY!!” come out of her mouth in an exasperated tone because you’re doing something she doesn’t approve of. Below is your reaction when she simply walked in your room:

And these are the giggles we got when she acted silly for you:

-You are getting braver and braver. And I really think we’ll have a walker before your first birthday. You are so eager to get from one thing to the next. You’ve taken some very early “cruising” steps, moving from one object to another,

and you are very steady when holding on with even just one hand:

-This mobile is still one of you MOST favorite things, but now that you are standing up in your bed, it’s time for me to take the canopy off, although I haven’t done it yet.

These baby animals are getting ripped down just about every day:

-Finally, FINALLY, this month you started saying “Mama”. You played with the “MMMM” sound for a day or two, and finally came out with it. You love to yell “MAMA” when you are mad, or I’m not doing something to suit you. Just how a mother/daughter relationship should be, perhaps. But it’s still music to my mama ears.

-These monthly photo shoots are getting harder and harder, and although I wanted some pictures of you crawling, these are what I got:

You were done,

And mad,

And refused to continue, so this was it for ten month pictures.

-More random facts about Presley’s little life at ten months:

*Taking four 8oz bottles a day, but quickly losing interest in the bottle. We tried a cup today, with some success.

*Two naps a day, one morning nap and one long afternoon nap.

*Sleeping 7:30pm to 6:30am or later, depending on what day it is. Sometimes have to be woken up on weekday mornings. Slept past 7:00am today.

*Eating all table food now…we are ALL DONE with baby food…yea!! You are loving a variety of stuff and eating basically everything we do. Favorites are any kind of noodle, pancakes, bananas, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac ‘n cheese, purple hull peas, potatoes, diced carrots, etc. There is very little you won’t eat.

*Weighed 22lbs 12oz at your nine month checkup. That is basically 100th percentile!

*Wearing a size 4 daytime diaper, size 5 nighttime diaper

*Wearing clothes anywhere from 9mos to 18mos sizes. Still fitting in a few 6mos dresses too. You hide your weight well.

*Finally got a third tooth last weekend. You now have your two bottom middle, and have cut one of your top “vampire” teeth.

I love where we are right now. Kind of on that brink between baby and toddler. I do love little toddlers, but I am going to miss my baby. I’m trying to remind myself that with Mattie each age has gotten better and cuter and more fun, so there is lots to look forward to with little Presley. We are all so eat up with her, we don’t care how old she is, or what she’s doing, as long as she’s ours.
Here’s Presley at one month, five months, and ten months. 

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