Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Ramblings

1. Today, we dedicated our sweet baby girl at church. Even though we've committed her to God from the moment we found out she was coming, this was a sweet time of publicly committing ourselves to raising her in a Godly home. I love the baby dedications at our church....very sweet.

2. I had my girl's pictures made recently, and I am wondering how I will ever pick what to order. I had not had their pictures made together professionally yet, and I am so glad I did this. I am overwhelmed at the sweetness of them and will cherish them until I'm old and gray. I will post some of the proofs soon as they are too sweet not to share.

3. Have you seen the commercials for "pillow pets"? They are stuffed animals that turn into a pillow. A completely unnecessary piece of fluff to fill up my home, but for some reason they have caught the eye of my 4yr old. I hate stuffed animals in general, and have already cleaned out loads of them from our home and taken to Goodwill, leaving only some of the special ones, but already we're overloaded with them again. So, we have made a deal with Mattie that she can have her pillow pet, but she has to work for it and earn it. She's doing extra little chores here and there, and earning small amounts of money to put toward the purchase of the pillow pet. She's made $4 doing chores at Mimi's house too, so she's making progress. I'm interested to see if she loses interest or sticks with it, but either way I think it's a good lesson for her and a good step in the right direction of learning that things cost money and you have to work to earn money.

4. Yesterday me, both my girls, my mom, and my sister headed south to Monroe to do some shopping. As soon as we got out of the car at the mall, I stepped out at a weird angle and blew out my flip flop. It was unwearable. We were in front of Old Navy, so I said I'd just go in there and buy some cheapo flip flops...problem solved. However, once we got inside, it was a madhouse! It was tax-free weekend in Louisiana, so I guess that was part of it, plus ON has $10 kids jeans right now. I do not understand why people go so crazy in ON stores like I the only one that knows they have a website, and you can get all these good deals there, and they have $5 shipping no matter how much you buy? You can't drive from your house to the mall for $5. I just don't get why people want to fight those crowds...there were probably more than 50 people in line. So, I did not get my flip flops there...we walked down to JCPenney and I got two pairs for $4...better than ON.

5. We got Yellowbox shoes at Belk for $ of the day, hands down. Cute shoes, too. Yellowbox are my faves for summer.

6. Matthew recently got a pretty big promotion and I have never been a prouder wife. He will be the 8th grade head football coach at Barton next year. His particular situation is a perfect example that hard work, committment, and dedication pay off.

7. Our Sunday School class has been doing a study of the five love languages. It has been very interesting for the Nash house. I had never read the book before, didn't even know what the five languages were, or what it was all about. But, we have each found our love languages and are both trying harder to speak each others.

8. Presley is a real crawler now. She is my little shadow and follows me like a precious little puppy dog all over the house. And she is pulling up on everything. Mattie walked two weeks after her first birthday, but I'm guessing PK will take off sooner.

9. Mattie and I go tomorrow morning to meet with her teacher for 4yr kindergarten next school year. It is really hitting me that this is her last year of preschool and this time next year we will be preparing to send her to real kindergarten. My eyes literally teared up as I was typing this. I'm so sad at how fast her baby-hood has slipped away. She is such a big girl.

10. Yesterday I tried jeans on Mattie to determine what size we would need to buy for this year. I was unsure if she would need a 5T or if we would need to go up to little girl sizes (tear!). She is a little girl's size 6 slim. Could probably wear a 5 slim, but the length was right at the floor, and would probably be too short soon. I can't believe we are into little girl sizes. A sad day for sure.

11. This whole summer I kept thinking of outfits that had been Mattie's that I couldn't find. I finally decided that I must have a missing rubbermaid in the attic, so I went looking for it. I found a whole box of clothes that Mattie wore the summer after she turned one that are all 12mos and 18mos...the sizes Presley is wearing now. It was like I went on a huge shopping spree and got Presley a whole new wardrobe. Cute stuff too, lots of Gymboree, lots of little sunsuits and rompers.

I think that's enough for now. Hopefully a post with pictures next!

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