Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Girls

I have 91 proofs from this photo session, and I love each one of them for different reasons, but I can't possibly share them all. So, these are just a few of my favorites. I cried some when I looked at these proofs the first time...I'm just so in love with them.

We did some of the girls together in their white dresses first. I made these little white pillowcase dresses out of a white swiss dot and with pink satin ribbons...I just thought they were so sweet and simple. I had wanted to make these for them to wear for beach pictures this year, but since we didn't go to the beach, we used them for these pics and for Presley's dedication at church.

Here's my pretty Mattie:

And my precious Presley:

Presley tried her hardest to eat all the grass she could get her hands on:

And she didn't want to sit like a lady:

And Mattie got bored a few times:
But otherwise, the shoot went swimmingly, and both girls cooperated so nicely considering it was literally 100 degrees outside.

Here's some of the together shots that are melting my heart.
I love the look on Mattie's face in this one:
Right after it was taken, Presley lost her balance and fell backwards, surprising Mattie:
But, Mattie never misses an opportunity to love on her sister...I love this sweet shot:
I love the composition of this one, but Presley's face is so serious...but cute:

This next one is, I *think* my favorite one of them together...I love the sweet smiles on both their faces, and the way they're sitting. I would like a mural of this on my office wall, please:
I love how Mattie's peeking out here, and Presley's face:
We tried this next pose, with Presley standing, but it just wasn't working well b/c she wasn't too steady on her feet at that point. I really didn't think Belinda got any of these, but she did...Mattie is gripping Presley for dear life here:
We changed Presley into the ruffle bloomers I made her and flower headband and did a few more of just her:
I love the desaturated look of this one:

Sweet baby face:

I'm trying to get an order together now, but having a real hard time picking!!

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  1. Looking great!!! I love all the pics and it makes me want to get some of my own.
    We just got back in town late yesterday. The girls wore the dresses and they loved them. So did my extended family. I'll post pics soon.