Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Heavenly Recipe

I am not real big on cooking, but I have to share this recipe here because it is the easiest, tastiest, cheapest meal I have ever made, and every single person in my house LOVES it, even baby Presley. We eat it about once every ten days, and have yet to get tired of it. Try it, I guarantee you'll add it to your regular meal rotation. On to the recipe:

Cream Cheese Chicken
4 frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 can Cream of Chicken
1 stick Butter (or margarine)
1 packet Good Seasonings Italian Dressing mix (this is a dry mix packet found on the salad dressing aisle)
1 pkg cream cheese
1 box of pasta (I use Penne b/c we all like it, but have also used bow-tie...I think my sister makes it w/ mini bow-ties...any pasta will do).

In a crockpot, combine frozen chicken, soup, sliced butter, and dressing packet. Stir it up, covering the chicken, and set the crockpot on high for 4-6 hours. After that amount of time, remove the chicken, dice it up, and put it back in the crockpot (it's usually so tender that it kind of tears and shreds for me instead of dicing nicely, but it works well for my kiddos, b/c it "hides" in the sauce well instead of being big chunks). Dice up the cream cheese and add to the crockpot. About this time start boiling your noodles. It will take about 30min (sometimes more, sometimes less) for the cream cheese to get melted good. When it does, and when the noodles are done, add them in, stir it all up and it's done. Be sure to turn off your crockpot at this point, I have ruined this dish before by forgetting that step : )

This is seriously so delicious and good. How can you go wrong when there's cream cheese involved? It's cheap to make, and it makes a TON. This is a favorite dish of mine to make when I take a meal to people with a new baby, or after surgery, etc. It's a crowd pleaser, I promise! I usually start this cooking when I'm home on my lunch hour, and when I get home at 5:30, all I have to do is add the cream cheese and boil the noodles, and we're ready to eat. I have cooked it as little as 4hrs and as much as 6hrs and it's worked well either way. Hope you enjoy!!


  1. found your blog form Kellys... Love this recipe!! I am always looking for crockpot recipes but my husband is a picky eater. This is simple and sounds so good!

  2. Heavenly is right!! This has made it into our rotation as well thanks to my precious friend who brought it after Big Boy made his appearance! :)