Saturday, August 21, 2010

Check it Out

Monkey Style Boutique is on Facebook now. I would looooooove it if you would check out my page and "like" it. My plan is to provide shop updates, post new listings there, share new fabrics and design ideas, and get feedback, etc. Like I said, I would loooooooove it if you'd like it : ) The page name is "Monkey Style Boutique".

Also, I'm advertising here with my etsy mini (like the small little etsy link on my right hand sidebar). You can see it at the bottom of her right hand sidebar. I love this blog and am so proud to be advertising on it. If you like crafty things, you should check out the Noodles & Milk blog. It won't disappoint. I have learned lots of new tricks and techniques from the very talented Sabrina.

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