Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Over?

Another weekend over, and back to work tomorrow. Ugh! I have spent the weekend working very hard on something new, and hope to reveal it soon. And I've been giving my Singer quite the workout, which is work I enjoy doing. Have I mentioned that I love fabric? It's a new addiction I've formed. I love beautiful colors, beautiful prints and's very inspiring to me. This is my newest stack I'm working on...already some Christmas stuff in there too.

I finished this skirt for Mattie last week, and it has been a hit with her. It's very "twirly", she says. These skirts are so cute with tank tops and flip flops...perhaps I should start sewing for myself some.
And, I shared this on facebook, but Presley got her first pedicure. I started painting Mattie's toenails when she was about this same age, but I don't remember Mattie being such a squirm worm. If you're wondering, I do this while she's in the highchair eating, and use quick dry nail polish. It was still kinda messy, but the results were worth it, I think:

This is exactly what my feet looked like in the last weeks of my pregnancy with Presley. Seriously!

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