Saturday, July 10, 2010

Noodles and Milk

When we found out we were expecting another girl last summer, I knew that we wouldn't need much new stuff. We had tons of baby girl clothes, all the necessary gear, and plenty of pink. So, I decided that since we didn't need much new, I would get to splurge on some special, personalized things for Miss Presley.

One of the things I bought was her personalized boppy cover. It is hands down my favorite "baby" thing she has. And if I've gotten one compliment on it, I've gotten hundreds. It's the pillow I take Presley's monthly birthday pictures with and I don't think it could be any cuter, do you?:
Even the reverse side is cute:
I even took it to the hospital with me when Presley was born:
This boppy is in just about all my early pictures of Presley and Mattie because this was the only way we would let Mattie hold Presley…on the boppy:
After buying it, I fell in love with the shop I bought it from, Noodles & Milk. Lots of cute things for babies, and lots of cute girl clothes. They’ve put custom orders on hold from now due to their soon to expand family, but they are offering something new!
Noodles and Milk is now selling sewing patterns. I had hesitated in buying patterns online in PDF form because I wasn't sure how easy they would be to use. I thought I liked store bought patterns with their thin, flimsy cutting pieces. But, I decided to give it a try. The first PDF patterns I bought were from Noodles & Milk, and I could not be more pleased. Super easy to use, super easy to follow, tons of direction and explanation, and lots of pictures. I'm sold on PDF patterns now, and have my eye on several more from the Noodles & Milk shop.
Noodles & Milk also has a blog that has recently been given a makeover (check it out, the link is in my sidebar). I love crafty blogs, and this is now one of my favorites. In order to promote the new blog and the shop, Noodles & Milk is doing a giveway, which I am now entered in by blogging about it! If you are crafty, love to sew, or love cute girl clothes, check out this blog or the etsy shop.

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