Monday, July 19, 2010

Cutey Booty

I have been working on something new for Presley and I finally finished it....ruffle bloomers! And I could not love these how these turned out more! How cute is a tiny booty with ruffles on it?

I'm gonna be real honest here. I think I have mentioned before my love/hate relationship with headbands and big bows on babies. It's not something I typically love, and although I have done it, we usually stick to little baby bows on Presley. However, the day I bought the fabric for these bloomers, I was perusing Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite past-times), and I saw they had these headbands and flower clips for basically nothing, so I thought "what the heck" matched the bloomers I was making, I thought it might make a cute picture, and I spent less than $5 for both peices (did you mama's who buy these headbands and flowers know that Hobby Lobby has them? Way cheaper than boutique store prices).

And I have to say, I don't know that my baby has ever looked cuter to me! I laughed the whole time this was on her head because I could not get over the cuteness. And this is maybe my new favorite picture of PK:

I'm planning to have her pictures professionally made soon, and these bloomers will definitely be one of our costume changes.

I also wanted to share that the lady I bought the pattern for these bloomers from is the same one that I bought the ruffle dress pattern from. She has a great Etsy shop,
and also a great sewing blog. She recently featured me in one of her customer creations posts here (at the very bottom of the post):
Kinda neat, I thought.
And finally, I am currently considering taking some sewing orders. I've had lots of interest in the things I've made, and lots of encouragement in that direction. If you or anyone is interested in me making something you've seen on here, or something different, please email me at:
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


  1. Love them. Love them. So cute. It makes me want to have another girl just to dress her in cute baby clothes.
    I'm going to get back to you this evening via e-mail. I've got some ideas :)

  2. Love the bloomers! TOO PRECIOUS!! You totally should have been making those with Mattie and I would have bought Mackie some!! Dylan might look a little odd... :) I am so proud of you for being featured for your creative genius!! If you decide to take orders let me know! I'm sure Mackie would love to have dresses like Mattie! We had a meltdown this am because she couldn't wear a "long dress" to school!