Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nine Months

Holy smokes, nine months old. Three months and I’ll be writing a first birthday post. Say it isn’t so!
Dear Time,
Please go away and leave us alone. My babies are getting too big, too fast.
Thank You,
Presley & Mattie’s Mommy

This girl is as cute as ever. Happy as ever. Fun as ever. And such a joy to the Nash house.

She spreads lots of smiles:

And other silly faces:
And keeps us all laughing, all day long.
I jazzed up this plain little onesie for the Little Miss with some ruffles on the booty, and her initial on the front. Turned out cute, I think!

Since her booty is in the air all the time these days, I thought it needed some ruffles.
So, Miss Presley Kate, what are you up to these days?
-Still not crawling, but we have to be days away. You have it all figured out except for the moving of your hands. You’re popping up on your knees like it’s no big deal, and rocking, and scooting some, but you can’t figure out what to do with your hands. It’s hard!
-This weekend, we put up lots of your baby stuff that you’re not using anymore, like the swing, the bouncy chair, the baby bathtub. It made me so sad to see those things go back in the attic!!
-We are starting to sample some table food. Right now you are LOVING diced peaches and pears. Still loving graham crackers, cookies, puffs, and your favorite is the yogurt melts. You shake and squeal when I get them out of the cabinet. Still taking 4 bottles a day.
-You are still a champion sleeper. This past Saturday, both you and Sister slept till 8:00am. I never thought I’d consider 8:00am late for a Saturday, but it was wonderful!
-Something funny you do that I don’t want to forget…you do a fake *cough-cough* when you want our attention. And it gets louder and louder and more obnoxious the more persistent you get. It basically says “look at me!!”
And how could we not? You are the most precious little thing. I love the next picture so much:
Happy 9 month birthday, sweet baby!

How is this possible??!!

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