Monday, July 12, 2010

Sleepy Head

It's hard work eating graham crackers in your highchair. Poor Presley couldn't hold her eyes open after supper the other night. I gave her some graham crackers, and was cleaning up the kitchen...I turned around, and she was sound asleep. I cleaned her all up, got her out of the chair, and she never woke up....well, she did eventually, but not for about 30 minutes.

This girl used to sleep in her highchair too:

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  1. Hey- I got your message about the fabrics. I get most from etsy! If you change your search from handmade to supplies, you will find TONS of cute designer fabrics. I also have a great quilt shop in town that I frequent, but unless I am in a hurry sometimes it is just easier to order online. Email me if you would like some of the shop names that I frequent on etsy...