Monday, July 5, 2010


My baby girl is *thisclose* to crawling. She is trying so hard, and just hasn't quite got it all figured out yet. I have been enjoying my immobile baby, but am thinking I might be ready for this now. Presley has become very attached to Mommy lately, and I cannot leave the room without her wailing and screaming at me. Not really crying, just yelling at me, like "get back here". I think if she could follow me around, it might make things a little quieter at the Nash house. I'm predicting I'll have a crawler within the next two weeks. Mattie crawled at 9.5 months, and Presley will be 9 months on July 12.  These pictures are actually from last Thursday, but she hasn’t made much more progress than this since then. 



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  1. I can totally imagine PK rocking back and forth ALMOST there! Such a big girl! She'll be totally mobile in no time!