Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Picture This

Just a few current pics of my two favorite girls.

Mattie started back to dance last week, and this year we've even added a gymnastics class (much to my reluctance). I thought she looked pretty cute in her leotard and skirt, and she was willing to pose, so here's my dancing girl:

Mattie also got bangs cut a few weeks ago. We had two seperate instances this summer of her cutting her own hair because it was hanging in her face, so I went ahead and just gave her the bangs she so obviously needed, and so far we both love them. She's grounded from scissors until further notice, but her bangs turned out pretty cute:

Speaking of hair, this girl's hair has really started coming in over the last month. We went from just having a patch down the middle, to having a head full of curls in no time. I love this picture...such a pretty profile:
Presley also started walking last week. She had been taking one step here, a couple steps there for a little while, but she walked across the room for me on Friday night with sister cheering her on. Mattie was so excited she had to immediately call grandparents and tell them. I hope she's always her sister's biggest cheerleader! Here's PK trying to walk to me:

I love this little expression:

And I love this pic because you can really see her teeth, and how her "vampire teeth" have come in first on top before the middle two. She must have known that vampires are really "in" right now ("Twilight", "Trueblood", etc.). Mattie's came in that way too when she was a baby. The middle two have already broken through the skin, even though they're not very visible yet, so she won't be our vampire baby much longer:

I am busy planning Presley's birthday party, which was the reason for our photo shoot on Saturday. I needed a cute pic for her birthday invites. I can't believe it's time to do this!


  1. Precious Pics! I had no idea Mattie had bangs these days! Shows you how passing on the street 500 times a day dropping off both kids doesn't mean you'll actually get to see each others kids! I love the bangs! PK's vampires teeth are too cute! Maybe that explains why she thought Dylan looked like a good snack for awhile... Or maybe its just because he looks like a butterball. Hmmm.....

  2. I am NOT okay with how grown Mattie looks in these pictures...she looks like a big kid :(