Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catch Up

Just a few things I have apparently forgotten to post, so I'm mish-mashing them all up into one big heap.

Presley recently had her first messy spaghetti supper. She liked it!

It reminded me of Mattie's first spaghetti lunch at about the same age. I have this series of pictures hanging in my kitchen:

I posted recently that Matthew had his first football game as head coach coming up. That was last Thursday night, and unfortunately they didn't come up with a win. The score was 7-6, and I've been married to a football coach long enough to know that it doesn't matter how close the score was, it's still a loss, and you certainly shouldn't point out or play up the closeness of the score to him. And saying things like "there's always next week", or "they may not have won, but they were the better team"...yeah, don't say that. It's a delicate thing being the wife of a football coach, and knowing what to say and what encouragement to offer, without being annoying or irritatingly upbeat.
I took lots of pictures, but I don't have the kind of lens needed for good sports photography (Santa, can you hear me?), so they're not the greatest. Here's what I got:
That's Matthew in the middle, stomping down the field:

Here's Coach Nash's biggest fan. At this game we sat on the front row, and she would not stop trying to get his attention and she couldn't understand why her daddy would not acknowledge her:

She's single handedly trying to bring back the side ponytail.

I liked this one...apparently #70 wasn't moving fast enough for him?:

Coach Nash watching the action:

And finally, we recently had Presley's baby dedication at church. I did not get good pictures of the actual dedication, but I did get these before was sweltering hot that day, even at 9:30am, and my lens kept fogging over, so these are not the greatest.
Daddy and PK...Matthew wore pink in honor of his girl:

Mama and PK:

And this is her little outfit all laid out:

I'm thinking of doing shadowboxes of both my girls dedication outfits. Mattie wore a much fancier Feltman Bros. smocked dress for hers, but this was special for Presley because I made it. I loved both!

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