Monday, September 13, 2010

Eleven Months

We're almost there.

Almost to a one year. Almost to toddlerhood. Almost done with being a little baby.

And my mind can barely comprehend it. And my heart can barely stand it.

But, we've got one more month!

And I know they don't necessarily *stop* being a baby the day they turn 1 year old. But, I think most mamas would agree with me, that it's a big threshold to toddlerhood.

I have to say that it is a holy miracle that I've been able to get at least one good shot of her with her sign the past few months. It was pretty easy for months 1-5 when she was immobile, but lately it seems that everytime we go to do this, it's late in the day, or she's fussy for some reason, and just not interested in participating, and only wants to tear the sign up and get away. But, I've managed just about every month to get one smiling picture of her being still, however fleeting the moment may be. Here's to hoping she's got one more in her next month, so we can complete the year!

Something about this picture just melts me. That face. Those big blue eyes. Those kissy lips. I can't believe she's mine.

This looks like a baby mugshot to me:

Lets hope we never have an adult version to compare it to.

Little lamb, what are you doing at eleven months old?

-You are teething in a big, bad way, and this weekend has been particularly tough. I think you are cutting three at once, and it has left you a crying mess. And you are chewing and biting anything that comes near your mouth:

-Still my happy, contented girl that is all smiles most of the time.

-Still sleeping and eating the same.

-You know so many cute tricks! You can: do patty cake, clap when you're excited or happy, wave bye-bye, give sugar, say "night-night" and wave to sister and daddy when it's bed time and I take you to your crib, you can stand up, let go and clap your hands while holding your balance, can almost say "uhh-ohh"...but it's still sounding more like "ahh-ahh", but you know what it means, can say and repeat "no-no" when it's said to you, can wag your finger at me while saying "no-no" after I do the same to you. And the list goes on, but these are some of my favorites.

-You weighed 24lbs 9oz when we went to the doctor this week. Which is a lot. But you carry it well. (Presley would like the world to know that in these pictures, she's wearing a size 3-6 month sunsuit. Yes it's snug, but she thinks it's a perfect indication that her weight is not an accurate depiction of her size). Mattie weighed 24lbs 7oz at 15 months, so you are definitely bigger than sister was at this age.

-You are *thisclose* to walking. I think we are maybe just days away from seeing some independent steps. You are cruising everywhere though, and can get anywhere you want to go.

-You love to hide from me in your room, behind your glider. And you love for me to find you and tickle you. Your most favorite thing is to get away from me while I'm trying to diaper and dress you after a bath, and crawl as fast as you can behind this chair. And it was all fun and good until you tee-teed on the floor while playing this game Sat. night with no diaper on. So now, diaper first, then hide and seek!

-Your other favorite spot lately is in Mattie's room, mainly at her play kitchen. You love to open the cabinets and drag the stuff out, bang pots together, and chew on cooking toys. AMAZINGLY, and I do not consider it a small miracle, Mattie has been all fine with this, and has welcomed you lovingly into her room so far. We'll see how long it lasts or how long it is until she's locking you out!

-You are still your sister's biggest fan. And she is yours. The sister love is so precious to me, and I pray daily that it lasts forever, and only grows and never diminishes. Mattie is still mothering you and hovering over you as you explore our house. She's very strict on what you can and can't touch and play with. Stricter than me, actually.

-No one could have ever, ever prepared me for what you would do to my heart, sweet girl. Forever changed is your mama.

I was struck by how much Presley has changed just over the last three months. I love these comparisons:


  1. Will one the cutest babies of all time (aside from my own, of course) please stop growing??? We don't want you to grow up. Not yet!! Please slow down, and let us continue to enjoy your cute baby yumminess! Please!!!

  2. So I was just reading along about precious PK when all of the sudden I got to your comment about the baby mug shot... And I died!!! I totally agree with you!! But of course she's still precious! Don't worry, ill help spy to make sure she doesn't repeat it later in life. I mean, isn't that what friends and boyfriends moms are for??