Sunday, September 26, 2010

This and That

We had a very low key weekend. Matthew played in a golf tournament all weekend, so it was just me and my girls for most of both days. My girls, me and my mom went to a big outdoor craft show yesterday, and got covered in mud because it rained all morning. But, I did officially start buying Christmas gifts, so it was worth it. I've never started this early, but it feels good. I participate in a "Christmas Club" program through my credit union where I put $20 a week into an account, and the first week of November I get my Christmas Club check. The credit union won't let you withdraw from the account during the year, which is a good thing really, because believe me, I've tried. All that to say that I usually don't start my shopping until I have that check in hand, but this year I'm getting a jump start.

I worked in Extended Session at church today, which is our program for preschool children after Sunday School and during the worship service. I was in the three year old class all by myself, but I have to say this was the easiest experience I've ever had with working Extended Session. I just had five kids, all were sweethearts, and I actually enjoyed myself. Time got away from me because we were having fun, and we were right in the middle of a craft project when parents started coming to pick up. Usually, I've got them all lined up sitting on the wall waiting on parents about 10 minutes before church lets out!

In between the craft show and church, I have sewed like a crazy woman this weekend. I am trying to get caught up on orders, but I'm beginning to think I'm never going to get *really* caught up, which I guess is a good problem to have. I have to say though, it's amazing what I can get accomplished when my girls nap simultaneously for two and a half hours!

Presley promoted out of the baby room at church and into the toddler room a few Sundays ago. It's been a good change for her, as there's a little more going on in there, and she's done really well and actually seems happier when I drop her off. Today after church, I was emptying her diaper bag, and I found a coloring page she did that they had sent home. I'm not embarrassed to say that I got a lump in my throat...her first Sunday School craft! It is already put up in the baby book or I would take a picture and post it.

I had promised Mattie that she could get her face painted at the craft show yesterday. But, wouldn't you know that there was no face painting booth! Either that or I just never saw it. It caused some tears, so I promised her that I would paint her face when we got home. Being a mama of my word, we got out the craft paints as soon as we got home, and I gave her a perfect Mickey. Not really, I gave her a purple blob outlined in pink that if you squint at it, kinda looks like Mickey. But she loved it! See:

And finally, we have entered the world of Silly Bandz.

I'm way out of the loop on these, and don't even know where to buy them. These were a gift from Mattie's Nana, and she wears them everywhere. The funny thing to me is, she has about twice as many as what's on her wrist in this picture, but she only selected the ones that matched her outfit to wear that day. Ever the fashion diva!

Everyone have a great Monday!


  1. Thanks so much for your comment! I appreciate your advice on the sewing look like you know what you are talking about! Your girls are so precious! I have several friends in El Dorado (I'm orginally from Magnolia), and I think it's a great place...definitely improved a lot in past few years. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to coming back here to read about your sewing projects and your seeing your cute girls!

  2. Wow... I get on here to comment on Ash's Mickey and Silly Bands and who do I see, but Good 'Ole Susy! Small world! Ha!

    Back to my orignal reason... As a fellow Mommy I totally knew it was Mickey before I even started reading the post! Good job Mom! If I see Silly Bands I'll grab some for Mattie and get them to you one day at Wanda's! (Since school isn't a good idea these days... Ha!)