Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seven Months

These monthly photo sessions are getting harder and harder.

Because someone won’t leave the sign alone.

That someone likes to grab it and chew it, and crinkle it up, so that even when you get it away, it’s looks like a dog has had it.

And when you take the mangled, wet sign away, it makes that someone very angry.

So, in full disclosure, the above pictures were taken on the actual seven month birthday as the sign says.  The ones below were taken last night on the 14th, and we had a much better photo session.  Lots more smiles…see:

So, you sweet thing, what are you up to at seven months?

-Lots of smiling, lots of giggling, lots of “talking”, LOTS of personality, and happy, happy, happy.  You light up our house, precious girl! 

-Still no “mama”, but you did recently add “ba ba ba” to your range of sounds your making, so it HAS to be close! 

-You are not crawling yet, and really not even close on it.  Which is fine for this mama who is not quite ready to baby proof again! 

-You still like your bouncy seat sometimes, and you like your exersaucer, but I think it’s been about two weeks since we’ve used the swing, and you’ve just never cared for the bumbo seat.  So, we’re about to start moving some of this baby gear back to the attic. 

-You roll very easily now, like it was never a big deal at all, and you enjoy being on your tummy more now.  Lots of practicing on raising up, but no getting on your knees yet.

-You are a champion sleeper…if it were an Olympic event for babies, you would win a gold medal.  After dropping your evening nap about a month ago, you are now sleeping about 7:30pm to 6:30am, and I’m having to wake you up most mornings at that time.  On Saturdays, you’ve slept as late as 8:00 before…Mattie NEVER slept that late as a baby.  And you’re taking two long naps a day…one morning and one afternoon.  What a life!

-Still crazy about Sister.  And she’s still crazy over you.

-You are *thisclose* to sitting up on your own.  You only need a little support (note my foot in the picture below) to not fall. 

-And you finally cut your first tooth on Mother’s Day!  Bottom left tooth.  You were such a trooper through dance recital weekend, and never gave any indication that you were dealing with a tooth breakthrough.  Such a sweetie!  I’m gonna miss the sweet gummy grin!

-Still a good eater, eating three meals in the highchair a day, and taking four bottles.  Tried avocado for the first time this week, and loved it!  Also eating graham crackers and banana chunks…starting to feed self some.

-19lbs 14oz at last appointment, which was nearly a month ago, so I’m guessing you’re easily over the 20lb mark by now. 

-Size 3 daytime diaper, Size 4 nighttime diaper, and wearing a range of clothes sizes, but mostly 9mos stuff.  

We’ve come a long way in seven months!

One day old in top pic, Seven months old in bottom pic

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