Monday, May 10, 2010

A Star is Born

Mattie has been begging to take dance lessons since she was two years old, and this fall she was finally old enough to start taking. I was hesitant to start anything new this fall since we were going to have a new baby, but I knew Mattie's heart would be broken, so we went ahead with it. And Matthew and I, and my parents, broke our necks to get her there every single week, even when we had a newborn in the house...not easy, but we did it. I think she only missed two classes this whole year.

Over the past nine months, we have asked Mattie every week what she learned in dance, or to show us some of her recital dance, and she never would. She is happy to make up her own dances to show us, but for some reason, she wouldn't ever show us her recital dances, so we were really not sure what to expect when recital came. I had no idea if she even knew her dances at all. I told her more than once that recital was going to be where she earned the privelege of taking dance next year...if she got on stage and just stood there, we would not be going to the hassle of taking dance next year.

Well, she has earned her dancing shoes for another year. We were SO PROUD of our girl! She danced her little heart out and I could not wipe the smile off my face all weekend. She did know her dances pretty well, and she gave it her all. Mattie can be very shy at times, but there was no trace of that on stage. I took her to rehersal on Wednesday of last week, and every day after she asked me "Mom, when do I get to get back on that stage?!". I think I may have a performer on my hands.

Angela took these videos with her point and shoot camera, so the quality isn't the greatest, but I'm SO thankful to have these...thanks, Ang, for being the crazy lady to go down front to video.

This is her tap dance from Saturday night, and probably her better performance. Remember, these are three and four year olds, so the coordination is lacking, but the cuteness isn't. Mattie is front row middle in both videos. Also, please note how she holds her pose longer than anybody at the end of the dance...that cracked me up!

This is the ballet performance from Sunday. She spotted Ang filming before she started...notice she waves at her about midway through.

I am so glad dance is over for the year, but I'm so glad Mattie did it. I was a very proud Mama, and recital weekend was actually a lot of fun, and not near the hassle I had been dreading. She is glad for the summer break, but already looking forward to next year!

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