Thursday, March 4, 2010


I cannot believe it's almost time to add another candle to the cake for this little girl.

My heart is heavy but happy at the idea of Mattie getting so big so fast. I know my sentiment is not unique or different than any other parent who has watched their child grow seemingly in the blink of an eye. And I know that time will continue to fly, and will only fly faster the older she gets. But, this is one of the many phenomenon of parenthood that no one can prepare you for. I just did not expect to get here, four years later, so fast. For me, there is no better word to describe watching your child grow than bittersweet. So bitter to think that we are so close to kindergarten, one quarter of the way to a drivers license, fourteen short years away from legal adulthood. But so sweet to watch her personality grow, to have a front row seat to see her become who she's going to be, and to have the supreme privelege of just being her mama. All I can do is soak it all in, take as many pictures as she'll let me, and pray that when I'm very old, my memory will serve me, and I'll be able to call to mind these times that I know are the best of our lives.

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