Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Few Things Of No Importance

1. Tomorrow (Friday) my mom and I are heading to Little Rock to see Beth Moore at a Living Proof Live event. I'm beyond excited for several reasons:
a) Beth Moore.
b) Shopping with no strollers, sippy cups, lost pacis, whiny kids, and so forth.
c) A hotel room.....I know I'm weird, but I love sleeping in hotels.
d) The possibility of sleeping past 7:00 on a Saturday....even if it's only to 7:30.
e) Not working on any sewing orders for at least 36 hours....monumental and overdue.
f) Coming home refreshed and renewed.

2. Knowing we were going to see Beth made me feel a huge need to get my hair cut and colored today. So I did, and I feel like a new woman.

3. Presley has tee-tee'd in the potty about a dozen times this week. She just turned 18mos old this week, but we got our potty chair out a few weeks ago, and set it up just for her to get used to. I did the same thing when Mattie was about 18mos old. We got the chair at 18mos, did some practice runs for a few months, and then started actual training right when she turned 2....she trained fairly easily and quickly, and I would LOVE it if Presley did the same. I think we're several months away from actual potty-training with her, but I'm very excited about her interest and ability to actually do it this early. And I think Mattie is going to be a HUGE helping factor to getting her trained. She is loving helping Presley to the bathroom, and onto the potty. She is a little mama for sure. And Mattie has wanted Presley potty trained since she was about 3mos old.

4. I had something very neat and God orchestrated happen to me last week that I have to share. Most people know that I have an Etsy shop, and that it has become my main source of income since the end of last year. I have been bombarded with orders recently, and have had no room in my schedule for an "off" day....basically for my schedule to stay on track, I'm having to sew every single day. All that to say, I can't be without my machine for even a day. So imagine my dismay when one day last week I'm sewing in the wee hours of the night, and my sewing machine jams up. Not like normal jam, but more serious. I won't go into boring details, but it appeared my beloved machine that I have literally sewed miles on was biting the dust. Not great timing for me!! Not only could I not afford to be without a sewing machine, I didn't really have the money set aside for a new machine. Normally I would plan and save for an expense like that, but that wasn't possible. Lucky for me, my mom sews and had a brand new machine that I was able to borrow for a few days to get me out of a pickle. I liked it so much that I decided I was definitely going to buy the same model to replace my broken machine. I had shopped online, found the best deal, and had even added it to my cart on Amazon. to pay for it? And y'all.....I do not lie. That very DAY I got a (very) unexpected check in the mail that was almost to the dollar the same amount as the machine I was going to buy. I got a refund on a portion of the deposit I paid my OB when I was pregnant with Presley (b/c she came a little ahead of her due date). I was pregnant with Presley TWO YEARS AGO! I had not thought twice about that money, and I have no clue why they are sending it to me 18 months after I had my baby. But I do know that I serve the The Great Provider who loves me and wants to meet my needs. And I have a fancy new upgraded machine that I am in love with. How cool is that??

5. Sometimes I wonder....would I still love her if she had straight hair?! Of course I don't wonder that! Because of course I would. Right?

Straight is cute too.....Mattie has become mostly straight-haired after a pretty curly baby-hood, and I adore her.
But these curls....they own me. I die for these curls.

Please curls, never leave. OK?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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