Monday, April 25, 2011

Beth V Photography Class: Day 8 - Light

Well, I have fallen behind in my photography class, but I am not quitting! I got behind when I went out of town last weekend, and then we had yuck weather all last week that kept me from getting outside. So, I'll probably skip a few of the assignments in order to catch up and finish, or maybe I'll go back and do them later.

This is really no different than how I made it through my entire college career. Always behind, lots of late or missed assignments, but always eeking out a decent grade at the end. Ha!

The assignment was "Light", and the instructions involved backlighting your subject and using spot-metering, which is something I had never done. I found this VERY tricky, and clue if I got this right.

I took this in the late evening (around 6:45) as the sun was starting to set, and Presley is sitting on our deck railing. I had to hold on to her with one hand, and shoot with the other. The sun is directly behind her head, but because it was kind of cloudy and with so much tree coverage, it's a little hard to tell. I had to constantly watch my focus and adjust my light meter, which was hard with one hand.
Also....I took about 35 shots trying to get this right. And this one.....very first shot I took. Ha!

SOOC - iso 200, 1/250, f/2/2

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