Thursday, March 24, 2011

60 Months

Well, it happened.  My sweet little Mattie turned 5 years old on the 6th day of this month. We had a weekend full of fun and partying, and I do intend to recap that, but I wanted to post these pictures first. Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. So, we got outside, and I talked her into a little picture taking.  I just had this huge desire to capture her at exactly this age. Not a day younger, not a day older....just exactly five years old.
I did finally get around to making her a little birthday outfit.  It turned out so cute, definitely one of my favorite things I’ve ever made for her, and she picked the fabrics, so it was special to her too:
When I said to her, “Mattie, how does it feel to be five?”, this was the response I got….I think it feels good!
I could not get her to smile for me because she was too busy singing.  Nothing in particular, just a song she made up, which is very, very (VERY) typical  for her…here’s some outtakes I love:
I am the partial mama, but I do think she’s a little beauty:

Finally some smiles and posing!

Then we got silly, and I started telling her funny things to think about, and I got some laughs out of her!

I think here I told her to picture Papa in his underwear, and this is the belly laugh I got (sorry, Papa!):

Happy girl!

She did sit for a few pictures, but she got a little too posey and cute…she’s not as quite as sweet and innocent as she looks here:

This might be my favorite, and I think it will definitely get framed….

I have to say, I loved age 4. I am so sad to see it go. To me, age 4 is kind of the perfect blend of baby and big kid. They're independent, can do most things for themselves, they’re somewhat reasonable, and definitely less defiant than a 2 or 3 year old, yet they still need their mama. And they still have some baby-isms, like blankies, and sippy cups, and they still like to be held and carried some.   I can feel all those things and more slipping away with five.   But I’m embracing it, and am determined that five is going to be be my new favorite age.

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