Monday, February 28, 2011


I was going to title this post something different, like "February Wrap-Up", but when I saw it would be my 100th post...well, "100" seemed fitting. I would love to do a fun post with 100 random facts about myself, but who has time for that?

Here's the latest in my world:

-Mattie's birthday party is this week, and she and I are both so excited! She's having a "spa" party at a local shop with all the little girls from her class. They'll do fun stuff like get their hair teased and glittered, toe nails painted, and other fun stuff....she is giddy with excitement.

-I have yet to make her birthday outfit. I've made about a half dozen other birthday outfits over the past few weeks for other people, but my kids always come last...shame on me!

-I am extremely overwhelmed with orders in my shop. I can't even begin to describe the ways God has rained down blessings on my little business. Amazing.

-This weekend I met this very famous blogger. By far the most exciting thing to happen to me in a long time. Post with pics to follow!

-Mattie got her pre-Kindergarten shots about ten days ago, and she had to get FOUR...two in each arm. That deserves it's own post as well. Wow. Here's the short version: picture me with both girls on my lap, Mattie on one knee, Presley on the other, trying to restrain Mattie while not dropping Presley. Then as Mattie starts to lose her composure, trying to console and restrain her, and hold Presley up, who also started to lose her cool because sister was scaring her. My advice: leave the baby at home when you take your big kid for shots.

-I have to register Mattie for Kindergarten this week. I don't want to. That's all I have to say about that. I have a feeling I am going to be a hot mess come August. I was 8 months pregnant when she started 3yr Kindergarten and I never shed a tear. This....this is hurting my heart.

-I keep telling Mattie (teasingly) that we're not going to acknowledge her birthday this year, and that way she won't turn 5, and she'll stay 4 for another if no one says anything, it won't happen. Tonight she told me "Mom, God is STILL going to make me five no matter what you do". So true, baby.
-This weekend while at my sister's we watched her wedding video from four years ago. Mattie was a flower girl, and she was the same age Presley is now. So funny and fun to watch with her and show her that she hasn't always been a big girl like she thinks. The child has no concept of herself as a baby. The other day she was making a fuss over Presley's foul smelling diaper as I was changing it, and I began to talk to Presley and say "Mattie was a baby once too, and she dirtied her diapers too, and she stank sometimes too". Mattie got SO mad at me, and told me not to ever tell Presley those things they have to be our little secret. She is a NUT!
-Tomorrow is March 1st....I can hardly believe that!!!

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