Sunday, October 3, 2010

Take It From Me

If you're baby is days away from their first birthday, and you are already a little emotional over that milestone, now is not the time to clean out that baby's drawers and closets and box up tiny little things they have outgrown to go up in the attic.
Because you will run across things like the bonnet they wore home from the hospital:
Or the tiny little newborn cap with their sweet name on it that they wore their first weeks home:
Or all the sweet maryjane tights and socks that your baby practically lived in last winter because is there anything cuter than maryjane tights on a baby girl?

You will run across all these things, and you will become weepy and teary eyed at the thought of putting them away, because in your head, that baby should still be wearing those tiny caps and maryjane tights. The first year shouldn't be over yet. The saddest fact of motherhood is how unforgiving time is.

So, save the cleaning out for another day. Wait until after the birthday has passed and you're settled into toddlerhood with your little one. Beacuse otherwise, those maryjane tights will disolve you to a puddle.

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