Thursday, October 7, 2010

She Works Hard For Her Money

Do you remember when I mentioned that Mattie really, really, really wanted a pillowpet, but we were making her earn her own money to buy it because it really wasn't something I was interested in spending $19.99 of my own money on, even if it is "As Seen on TV"? Well, the money has been earned, and the pillowpet has been bought.

Although I kind of expected her interest to fizzle as the weeks went on, the pillowpet held her focus, and I have to say she worked hard for it. She has spent the past two months earning money for doing extra little chores, above and beyond what is already expected of her. She has earned a dollar here and a couple dollars there, for doing things like helping Matthew in the yard, unloading the dishwasher, helping Mimi and Poppa on the remodel at their new house, helping me with odd jobs around the house. Finally, after two long months, she had all the money she needed.

She was very, very torn about which one to buy. She really wanted the dolphin, but they didn't have it at our Wal-Mart the night we were there. So, she debated between the penguin and the ladybug, and after a little pushing by me towards the ladybug because the penguin had a white belly that would be dirt covered in no time, she went with the ladybug.

Excited doesn't begin to describe how she felt on the way to get it. Here she is with her cash in her sweaty little fist:

Mattie was very clear in explaining to us that SHE would be the one to give the cashier her money, and she would not need our help with this. She did great:

Pillowpet has been attached to her side since she got has gone everywhere she goes (except school). I think this was a great teaching lesson for her about money and saving for something you want, and finding value in the fact that you worked for it. We will definitely be using this approach with her again in the future. And you know what? Even though I hate and despise stuffed animals, the pillowpet is actually a pretty cute thing. Add Image

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  1. kids talk about these pillow pets too. Everytime the commercial is on TV!! I told them to wait for Christmas...which is our saying for EVERYTHING right now, lol.