Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beth V Photography Class: Fast

Assignment: Fast

The instructions were to bump your shutter speed way, way up and try to catch some motion that would otherwise be a blur.

Oooooh, I found this difficult. Trying to get the balance b/t shutter speed, iso, and apereture was tricky to me once I started getting my shutter speed way up. Trying to keep them from being grainy b/c of the high iso was my challenge.

The example picture the teacher used was of running water out of a faucet. So I tried this first, since I knew I could play and take as many pictures as I wanted. Since I had the shutter speed up, you can see air bubbles and such in the water stream. And I liked this in black and white.

iso 400, 1/800, f/2.0

These next two were taken when we were playing outside one day this weekend. I was trying to see if I could capture a drop of water the moment it dripped from this cup. I got a couple of shots I wouldn't have otherwise gotten if my shutter speed had been down lower. Not sure how interesting the subject matter is, but I do think the reflections in the water droplet are kind of neat.

iso 1600, 1/1000, f/3.2

iso 1600, 1/1000, f/3.2

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