Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Call Her "Cindy"

Mattie loves to pretend, loves dress up, loves all things princess, and like all little girls her age, she adores Cinderella. So a while back when she wanted to "play" Cinderella by doing chores around the house, I was all about that! This has now become a favorite "pretend" game of hers to play....she gets her apron on, puts her hair up, gets her her little bucket and rag, and scrubs my hardwoods. These pics were taken last week....I have actually started putting a little Lysol floor cleaner in her bucket instead of just water. Because if she's gonna be down there on her hands and knees scrubbing, why not let her actually clean them?

She actually loves for me to yell at her, things like "CINDERELLA!! You MISSED a spot!". or "CINDERELLA!! When you're done in the den, there's more spots in the kitchen!", or "HURRY UP,'re moving too slow!". And she says in a pitiful little voice, "Yes, step mother". If child services were to bust through my door during this game, I would go to jail, I'm sure...but she likes it!

This particular day, my floors really needed it...look at her go!

The little worker has had enough of the game...time to put on a princess dress!

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