Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Tale of Two Babies

I am constantly trying to find similarities in my girls. Some proof that they favor, or that they at least look related. I see subtle things in both of them that are the same...things that are hard to capture on camera, and maybe things only a mama would see. Mostly expressions, or a look...Presley has a look about her when she's fresh out of the bathtub, and laying on her back while I dress her that reminds me *so much* of my baby Mattie, but I can't really pinpoint what it is. Maybe it's the hair and eyebrows that are slightly darker from being wet...maybe not.

For the most part though, these two are different as night and day. They both have blue eyes, but they are shaped a little differently, their haircolor could not be more different, and even their little noses are quite different. Mattie has always had the tiniest little button nose...still does. And Presley's is more nose-like, and is very often scrunched up, which is what she does when she laughs. Their mouths are somewhat similar, although not identical, but that may be it.

So different, but both so cute.

Seriously, if these were two puppies in a pet store, and you had to pick only one to take home...who could chose? Not me. I'll take them both, thank you.

I have this b&w print of Mattie as an 8x10 in my bedroom, and just ordered the one of Presley in the same size to go by it. My favorite kind of wall decor...fat, smiling babies.


  1. Its the cheekbones...and I want them both too!

  2. wait, I know one of those puppies bites though....

  3. Your girls are just precious! I hopped over here from Baby Bangs and once I got here, I realize that we read all the same blogs.
    I am Wendy and it is nice to meet you!