Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let's Talk Hair

When I was expecting Presley, I had a pretty clear picture in my head of what she was going to look like, and basically what I thought was, she would look just like her sister. We even had a 3D ultrasound done, and what we saw in those images looked very much like Mattie. The ultrasound tech even detected hair flowing above her ears, and determined that this baby would surely be born with a head full of dark hair, much like her sister's. She was wrong.

This is Mattie at four months:

Clearly, the child was not lacking hair. Mattie's was always thick all over, and it just grew and grew from day one.

This is Presley at four months:

Big difference in those two sisters! Also, Presley's hair has changed so much since she was born. When she got here, she had quite a bit of hair in the back and on the sides, but not a lot on top, and it wasn't and isn't dark like Mattie's. It's between light brown and blonde, and I'm still not sure what color it will be once it really grows in.

This is Presley at just a couple days old:

I have to say I love that picture, because that's Mattie holding Presley, and Presley's face looks a little freaked out. I'm sure Mattie was singing for her or something, and Presley just didn't know what to think. She's quite used to Mattie's spontaneous vocal solos by now.

This is the back of Presley's head at about 1 or 2 weeks:

I had a feeling she would lose some of her hair, and I wanted to remember this sweet head exactly like it was. Mattie never lost any, except for the bald spot she rubbed in the back, but even then, she had longer hair above it that pretty well covered it.

This is Presley just a few weeks ago:

She has lost quite a bit on the sides, and rubbed herself a nice little bald area in the back, but it has come in thick on the top. See:

She has grown a fuzzy strip of hair on top, and it's usually sticking up. It kept reminding me of someone, but I couldn't put my finger on who until recently when I was watching a movie with Mattie.

Same color and everything! I love that sweet, fuzzy head SO much, and can't get enough of it! I'm constantly rubbing my face on her head b/c it is so soft and fuzzy. And all in all, I'm so glad Presley is her own little self, and not a carbon copy of Mattie. I love her little head, and love the fact that she really looks like a baby. Mattie, from a very early age, always looked older than she was because of all the long hair. She looked about two years old by the time she was about 10 months old. And I love that Presley looks a lot more like Matthew than Mattie does. I see it more everyday, but she is definitely favoring her Daddy more. And even though she looks nothing like what I imagined, I wouldn't change her for the world!

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