Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dancing Queen

Mattie completed her second year of dance this May, and her year ended with the all important dance recital. She loves dance class, but most of all...she loves recital. She lives and breathes to get on that stage. And if there were no recital, she would probably lose interest in dance. We had such a great recital weekend....smooth rehersals, early performances....we'll never get that lucky again!
She took tap, ballet, and gymnastics this year, and had a performance for each....

This is her before her ballet performance. I loved this costume, and so did she:

This is before her gymnastics performance. I did not ask her to pose for any of these. It's just what she does when a camera is pointed her way...ha!

This is after her tap performance, which was probably my favorite. They danced to "Happy Working Song" from the movie "Enchanted", and had brooms as props. Very cute. She was supposed to have her hair in an up-do with the curls piled on top and the bow in the back, but I could not get it to look right. There's about 87 bobby pins and 3 or 4 clips in her hair, and it still looked a mess. I'm a terrible stage mom.

Some pics from her tap performance:

And from gymnastics:

And because I love to make myself cry by looking at old pictures and wondering where the time has gone, I made this collage of her from last year's recital and this year's. Such a change!!

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